Diagnosis: Infertility

25 | [herSTORY] We are 4 in 4. My squad on miscarriage.

November 30, 2022 Andrea Hensrud Episode 25
Diagnosis: Infertility
25 | [herSTORY] We are 4 in 4. My squad on miscarriage.
Show Notes

Hey team! 

Today we come from our girls trip in sunny AZ. The 4 of us have never really talked much about our miscarriage experience - and when I started this journey my friends never really knew my story, or my feelings/experience behind it. If we want to flip the script - and normalize the trauma we've experienced with miscarriage and infertility, then we need to start with even our closest people. 

Today we share 3 more stories on miscarriage. What I wanted to leave you with today is that of encouragement that there is another side. You will get through the season you are in. It is just really crappy in the moment. 

Thank you to Janelle Askvig, Holly Osborn and Brittany Anderson for digging in deep.

I hope you enjoy. 

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If you know ANYONE going through this battle, or even post battle and continues to be rocked by the trauma of infertility - please send this to them! It takes us looking out for each other and spreading the word to reach those in need.

Music Credit to: Aaron Sprinkle (Tore Up Instrumental)